Coming in April

Big Bear run
(or walk)

Run (or walk) for Ms. Rompf!

The IDEA:  A service learning project initiated by AVID students

The INSPIRATION:  Hastings' lengthy tradition of public artwork and other installations funded by classes and organizations from previous years

The PROJECT:  raise funds to provide a motorized scooter for Deann Rompf, a beloved Hastings teachers and independent spirit who has recently found herself dependent on a wheelchair.

  • Your $10 registration fee will fund the purchase of a motorized scooter to improve Ms. Rompf's ability to navigate Hastings High School.
  • Everyone who participates will receive a bracelet, a button8 community service hours, and the certain knowledge that you have done a good thing.
  • Register with ANY AVID STUDENT or in the AVID HUB (Room 101S) by March 24, 2017.

  • Deann Rompf has had a long and varied career including serving in the Air Force, owning a small business, and managing a restaurant.  She realized the best part of her job was training her teen aged employees, so she decided to become an educator in order to train teenagers full-time.
  • Ms. Rompf went for a simple knee surgery in July 2015 and wound up fighting a post-surgical infection which destroyed the joint, tendons, and ligaments in her left knee, leaving her permanently dependent on a wheel chair.
  • An electric scooter would allow her to regain much of her lost independence, as well as making it easier to chase tardy students down the hall.

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